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Thank you for extending grace and kindness as I’ve found the strength to be vulnerable and share my personal journey with motherhood and postpartum depression. I’m so thankful to the community I’ve discovered on the path to healing. Below are a few women/moms/organizations you can support to reach women and their family-care needs so they can be their best and find the community that they need.

This is a growing list of some women/organizations that I found comfort and community in.

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Tonya Rapley-Flash

Tonya is an entrepreneur, coach and new mommy! She is using her wisdom as a finance expert to help moms receive access to resources and guidance on preparing for a baby. Learn more about her at and and make a donation HERE

“Through the fund we will provide birthing related scholarships, funds to cover birth and postpartum doula fees, emergency childcare support and help with basic needs new mothers and their babies may have. ⁣⁣
Our goal is to help improve maternal health and postpartum outcomes by providing women with resources they need to be WHOLE mothers.” ⁣⁣- Tonya Rapley


Ezrah’s Hands

Found out about Ezrah’s hands through my friend Sally Rae Kim - who is a writer, creative, wife and mother to her beautiful children. She just released a bible study you can support HERE.

Ezrah’s Hands is a non-profit dedicated to Helping, Healing and Restoring Kinship Families. At Ezrah’s Hands we work alongside other non-profits assisting Kinship families who need support but often times are overlooked.” Discover their mission to support families on their website:


I found @motherhoodunderstood on Instagram and I love the personal stories and quotes that they share. The founder Jen Schwartz experienced her own story of postpartum depression and has started Motherhood-understood to create a space for other women to find comfort and support.

"At MOTHERHOOD-UNDERSTOOD, our goal is to educate, connect and prepare women for the emotional complications that sometimes accompany childbirth in the weeks, months, and even years that follow. The stuff nobody warns you about. 

We are helping women with during-pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety empathize, share, and find people who speak their language—moms who understand that new mommy life isn’t always the way it looks on Instagram. ” -


Angelina Spicer

I love how Angelina owns her story, makes you feel welcomed and is funny af! Here more about her story and how you can help fund her documentary at also follow her funny on instagram.

“A N G E L I N A  is a documentary/comedy special about one woman’s humorous, raw, and real journey in to motherhood. Stand-up comedian Angelina Spicer has always brought the funny but it wasn’t until she was committed to a psychiatric hospital for postpartum depression that she realized her own story would be the ultimate punchline.” - Angela Spicer


Hello My Tribe

“We exist to solve really big issues in the motherhood space: lack of community, lack of support, lack of information, lack of opportunity.

Some may describe us as a digital platform or a media company. We are so much more than that. We are a movement. We educate, empower, and involve women and mothers. And with your participation, together we are normalizing many challenges women experience while providing real support and solutions.” -

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Young Lives

My church - Voice Church is a Christ collective who lives by FAITH, is known by LOVE, and is a voice of HOPE. We believe everyone is welcome no matter their story.

The baby bottle collection campaign supports teen parents in our area to go to @younglives camp, where they can relax and have a chance to be a teen. At YL camp they’ll experience a safe space to hear the gospel, have fun, and be mentored. They even provide childcare!

Want you to help fill up my bottle email or Venmo me with “Young Lives!” to Marissarascon 100% will be transferred and turned in Sunday May 12, 2019 or donate HERE

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Chrissy Teigen + Allegheny Health Network

“AHN Women and Chrissy Teigen have launched a social cause initiative to reduce the stigma of postpartum depression and anxiety — #MyWishForMoms. Chrissy recently spent a day at the AHN Women Alexis Joy D’Achille Center for Perinatal Mental Health in Pittsburgh to meet with patients and tour the facility.” -